IOS 16

One of the best features ever released by Apple is available in IOS 16.

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Oxford Town

Anne and I just spent a weekend in Oxford. Here are some of my photos from the weekend.

Pond Life

We have had some very pleasant weather of late here in the UK so I have been taking some pictures of the local wildlife.

Weekend Walks

Went on a couple of short walks with my camera this weekend.


We have a buzzard that for a few days watched me and Peppa on our morning walk. I managed to snap a few pictures of it.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Definitely one of Dylan’s more controversial albums that certainly divides opinion – some hate it, others merely loathe it intensely.


I want this to be over now. I would really like to go to the pub or an art gallery or bowling*. *(Not really bowling)

In My Room

Sometime ago I bought a really cheap set of lenses for my phone.