With God on Our Side

I have a problem with God. Or rather I have a problem with some of our notions of God.

Take the whole parent non-intervention malarky. I am a parent and there are times when it is a good idea to let your children try something and potentially fail at it. It would be a fairly harsh regime if I continually let them fail without lending a hand here and there or maybe doing it for them so they know the pitfalls now and again. So why doesn’t God jump in and help out now and again? What’s that, he does intervene, did you say? Well then why does he let bad stuff happen to seemingly good people? You can’t have it both ways.

Then there is the ‘he shall be praised at all times’ approach to worship. Can we really only ever find good things to say about God? Doesn’t he just annoy the hell out of us once in a while? Of course He does so why then don’t we tell him?  Someone I read once described their relationship with God as being like living with a abusive partner. She was always making excuses for the bad things or the things He didn’t do and saying things like, ‘he’s not like that all the time’, or, ‘I must have upset him’.

Is it time to start telling it like it is?