The Past is Our Knowledge

Part of building this site has involved me going back over a number of posts from as far back as 2006 when I started writing the original blog. It was a strange exercise.

In 2006 blogs had really become the thing. Twitter was just starting out but there was only really Jonathon Ross and Stephen Fry using it. The blogosphere was where it was (still) at. I followed a number of bloggers who were so successful they were offered book deals on the strength of their periodic postings. One of my favourites was a paramedic who regaled us with tales of life, death and everything between. I can only remember that detail, I have no idea what the blog and subsequent book were called.

The idea that one could turn their blog into a book was one that I was drawn to. I can write and have done so for many years, if I got the content right then the offers would just pour in. The naivety of such thinking hit home hard yesterday as I trawled through my musings. There are some half decent ideas and they are still here if you care to delve further into the site, but on the whole it was pretty bad.

I have since written a draft of a book. It was hard, hard graft. Enjoyable and rewarding but the biggest challenge I think I have elected to attempt. I am currently effectively rewriting the whole thing. The ideas are good but the readability is not there.

One of the really positive effects of looking back is that I can se how far I have come. I think I still have some way to go but I reckon I will get there.

As Nick Cave demonstrates, we have to practice, practice and practice more, we have to keep turning up and being ready for when the idea, the inspiration, comes along so we can do it justice. This is one of the reasons for the site and I hope I will be sharing something enjoyable and occasionally inspirational with you all.

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