Artificial I

Artificial I,
Wrote Greek tragedy
In the style of The Simpsons.
Homer’s Odyssey!
Clever me!
Season 1, Episode 3
What blatant plagiary
By them
Not me

Artificial I,
Am deepfaking it
I superimposed a facade of ideas
onto a body of verse.
With terrible timing
Algorithmically mis-rhyming,
And I’m not sure which is better.

Artificial I,
Recognised some speech.
Never in the field of computing
Has so much power been used
By so many
To provide so little
To so few.

Artificial I,
Decoded my DNA
It would seem I’m no Enigma
and I am rather BASIC
Morse the pity.

Artificial I,
forecast the weather.
It seems.
What can we do?
My old gas boiler
A climate spoiler!
The answer, my friend,
IS blowing in the wind.

Artificial I,
Beat a machine at chess.
Not quite,
Think more Nespresso.
Smart with coffee
But at chess
Much less so.

Artificial I,
Crashed an autonomous vehicle.
How I survived is a modern day miracle.
I asked Elon Musk how well was it tested?
But he didn’t respond,
Because he’s a twat.

Genuine I,
Just might have written this.
But you can never be sure.