Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Definitely one of Dylan’s more controversial albums that certainly divides opinion – some hate it, others merely loathe it intensely. I don’t mind it and actually think there are one or two decent tracks on there.

It is, in case you didn’t know, an album largely comprising Dylan doing cover versions of songs that his peers and friends were more famous for. There’s some Simon and Garfunkle and some Joni Mitchell and a few songs that have influenced the great man’s life. It is, musically, a self portrait in every sense of the term. Dylan here is offering us elements of who he is and who helped him construct ‘him’.

I use this merely as an introduction to some specifically photographing self portraits I have recently taken. I am trying to work with artificial lighting and have set up something of a studio to try to do this. See what you think.

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Of course, this whole site is essentially a self portrait so if you want to find out more about me then do feel free to stick around and have a mooch.