I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now

First post for a year. Oh and I’ve changed the name. In fact quite a lot has changed since I last posted but more of that later.

One thing that remains is the title-from-a-song thing that you all love so much.

Back to Bob Dylan as well, My back Pages in which he sings:

Good and Bad, I define these terms

Quite clear, no doubt, somehow

Ah but I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now.

You may have noticed from the new look the image (and general feel) is one of black and white. Well actually more of grey. That’s the thing with B&W photos, they’re not, they’re grey (50 shades of?… actually probably a good time to point out to any ladies that stumbled on my grey musings seeking something, shall we say, slightly more *ahem* colourful, ought to stop reading now and go back to their search). One of the really great things about B&W photography is that you don’t have the colours, and therefore the words, with which to make a description, so you have to come up with other thoughts/words/ideas/emotions to interpret the image.

Whilst Grey is currently synonymous with female pornography, the weather and my hair it is really the ‘grey area’ sense of the word I am thinking about today.

The grey area is that bit in between, neither black nor white, good or bad, gay or straight, city or united (actually strike that last one, there is no doubt in football allegiance). Peter Rollins in his latest book ‘Insurrection’ writes of this bit in the middle being where it’s at. He specifically refers to the interest in the emergent church movement being in the antagonism and consequent discussion between orthodox and emergent not the new movement in itself. Our identities, the very essence of who we are, are made and moulded in the grey areas of life. Few, if any of us, could surely describe ourselves as being 100% anything with any real sincerity (the football exclusion is still in force).

When I was a young man polemic came much easier – ‘good and bad I define these terms’ – now as I get older – greyer – nothing is quite so clear and most things are that much more interesting for being so.

Except this bloody awful weather that is.