I just want room to live

I made a news years resolution at new year. I don’t make them every year, the last one I really stuck at was to give up smoking and that was 13 years ago. I think for a new years resolution to work it has to be something that can be measured and as it based around the calendar, measuring it by days, weeks, months etc. seems a good place to start.

And so, I decided that this year I would practice Yoga every day for a year. I have been doing Ashtanga yoga for a year or so, previously I did a bit of hatha, but it has been a weekly practice with perhaps a couple of sun salutations thrown in during the week if I was a bit stiff.

Since the start of the year I have had my mat out every day, I attend 2 formal classes a week and I am starting to get a bit bendy and a  bit stronger but more importantly (and worryingly) I am getting a bit obsessed.

Last night I had arranged to go climbing with the youngest, we have recently started doing it and last week he said how much he enjoyed it because it was something we did together. In the early hours of  Monday morning he suffered a severe migraine attack and Anne and I were up for an hour or so trying to help him get some relief. So after work yesterday I was shattered. I told Dylan I couldn’t manage climbing, he seemed a bit disappointed. Then I did 45 minutes yoga.

So now I am not going to do yoga every day for a year, I will keep my practice up but I will keep my obsession down. I will make space for yoga but not if it fills the only space I have for my family and my friends and, well my life really.