Don’t follow leaders and watch your parking meters

Today’s title has nothing to do with what I am going to write about but anytime you can get Dylan into one’s blog has got to be worth going for. I am qute a Dylan fan, I use the term fan in the more modern sense in that I like his music (well some of it) but not that I am fanatical about him.

We were discussing something along these lines at BCLC yesterday. The theme for this month is worship and, as usual, we started to look through the eyes of the world to contextualise our subsequent discussions. We wrote down things that we thought that people think are precious and might, therefore, worship in some way. What we found was a little startling in that our group felt that most people don’t actual worship very much and it is only people who are seen as somewhat fanatical that took their liking/following/admiration for something or someone to the point of worshipping it or them.

Hang on, you’re all thinking, so if people that practice some sort of regular worship are seen as a bit wierd then that might help explain why Christianity isn’t doing so well of late as most of what we do is defined by that hour on Sunday we call worship. In actual fact the thing that we are trying to encourage people to join us in the particpation of is the very thing that they are constantly discouraged from doing.

So what is the ‘natural’ state do we think? Is it natural to lose oneself in worship of some other or is that a tendency we should try to curb and control? Society is telling us to take control of ourselves and yet it seems that young people in particular are desperate to lose control of themselves whenever they get the chance.

This is to be a very interesting month. I will keep you all in the loop.