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some writing

  • God is Watching Us
    It seems incredible that the concept of social distancing had never been heard of until a few days ago and now it is literally everywhere.
  • We Were Talking…
    We are hearing a lot about social distancing at the moment. Like most countries in the world we are in the grip of the virus known as COVID-19. The latest variant of the Coronavirus strain somehow passed from animal to human and is spreading, relentlessly, across the globe.
  • A Trouble Shared
    He must have been troubledHe is not nowHe passed his …

some photography

  • Stop the World I Want to Get Off
    I have a friend that I have not seen in many years. We used to work together and whenever things got a bit much for him he would say 'stop the world I want to get off'.
  • People’s Faces
    Not just any people. These are images of my mum and my uncle Jack long before I knew them.
  • Play Misty For Me
    Sunday morning, the football teams have turned up to …

some music

  • I Could Belong
    This is the further development of something I have been working on in collaboration with my son Tom who is playing the drums.
  • You Are Enough
    This title is the brilliant art concept by Micah …
  • Spinozan
    I titled this ‘Spinozan’ for 2 reasons. I …

some baking

  • Overnight Sourdough
    This is my current favourite thing to bake. Once you get into the habit of the routine it is easy to fit into a day. I am lucky in that I work from home a couple of days a week so it is relatively easy for me to do this.
  • You Start Me Up
    Making sourdough bread requires a starter - fermented flour and water essentially - and the periodic feeding of said the starter will keep it going indefinately. I made mine originally with some grapes but the upkeep only requires flour and water.
  • You’ve Got To Roll With It
    Today has been a baking day. The first picture is a …

because . . .

Something went wrong around the start of the 21st Century. The crowd was wise. Social Networks replaced individual creativity. There were more places to express ourselves than ever before… yet no one really had anything to say.

Jaron Lanier – You Are Not a Gadget.

Does this have to be our future?

no it doesn’t . . . this is mine